BLOG: All about the Hype

Hype’s food production facility is closing

Hype Food Co. Bakery is permanently closing its ‘physical doors’ on Gerrard St East in Toronto. After six amazing years, Hype’s co-founders have decided to relocate their family and will no longer be in Toronto to continue running the local bakery operations.

The “Hype” will live on, but the current business model is changing significantly. Hype Food Co. has realigned its mission with an added focus on assisting other food establishments and travel companies in offering more inclusive dining experiences. You will also be able to continue shopping for allergen-free items from the virtual shop.


To create a safe and welcoming environment for customers with food allergies, educate your staff, label allergens, offer alternative menu options, prevent cross-contamination, be transparent, understand the severity of food allergies, and ask for feedback. Read The Full Guide.

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